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Having a bleeding disorder, or any chronic disease, is not always an easy thing to live with; especially when it’s your life, or your child’s life, you’re dealing with. 

Which is why, as a home therapy healthcare provider, we do our best to take as much off your plate as we can.  Things like getting your prescription delivered on time and in the correct quantity; assisting with reimbursement; keeping you posted of new legislation that may directly impact you; making you aware of places you can go for additional assistance; giving you a head’s up on any local, state or national activities and events; keeping you apprised of any new advances in treatment or drugs; and being there for you on a local level.

Our highly trained specialists will listen to you and completely understand your questions before determining the best way to serve you. With National Cornerstone, your precise concerns will be addressed, and your exact needs will be met.  Our ever-growing range of personalized services includes:

Products: We maintain a complete and comprehensive line of factor products and assays (subject to manufacturers availability). We use major manufacturers and local pharmacies to ensure that the supplies and resources you need are always within reach.  In addition, we have a complete line of additional drugs to complement the patient’s prescribed therapy.  These include anti-viral agents, antibacterials, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, analgesics, antifungals, hemostatic agents, antihistamines and tranquilizers. Topical products include hemostatic agents and anesthetics. 

Delivery: All our orders are discreetly delivered to you (via FedEx or Personal Delivery). NCHS traces every parcel shipped, so should your Prodelivery be delayed, due to inclement weather, we will alert you to that fact and provide you with a new estimated time of arrival.

We use:

• a custom foil wrap that maintains the manufacturers' suggested temperature (making sure products stay cold in the summer and do not freeze in the winter);

• extra packaging and care to make certain your products arrive stable and undamaged; and

• shipment tracking to ensure direct, prompt delivery of your products.

Reimbursement Services: We deliver individual assistance in educating case managers and monitoring lifetime maximums, and we will serve as an advocate for your exact needs. Our time-tested relationships with insurers, HMOs, PPOs, state agencies, and other managed care companies help us ensure you are getting the most from your benefit plan.  Should you need help finding alternative coverage due to a job change, ineligibility to remain on your parent’s insurance or a lapse in benefits, we can assist you there, too. 

Customized Refills: We deliver individualized prescriptions that most often extend lifetime maximums.

A National Network of Nursing Services: We have established a national network of nurses to service your individual needs and answer your healthcare questions.

Resource Library: Includes a collection of articles, books, videos, and informational literature in English and Spanish.

Ancillary Products: Ancillaries include syringes, infusion sets, tourniquets, elbow supports, knee pads, helmets, alcohol swabs, band aids, gauze, tape, ankle and knee supports including double strap ankle supports, etc. We have most supplies needed for infusion of factor products.

Community Support and Sponsorships

Pain Management

Supporting Scholarship Programs

Bio-waste Management

Assist in getting Medical Alert IDs

And more